आरटीआई संपर्क

    In continuation of Right to Information cell’s order of even no. dated 12.08.2016 the following Officers of the State Department X are hereby listed as the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and Appellate Authority under Section X and Section Y of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

    RTI Contact Details
    Sl No. Name Designation Email Address Phone Subject Matters
    1 S N Sharma Deputy Director mljoffice[at]gov[dot]in Room No. 5, MEITY, New Delhi +91-11-2000000 As at Annexure II (Subject Matters pertaining to section 3)
    2 Akansha Mitra Under Secretary akansha[at]example[dot]com New Delhi +91-11-2000000 As at Annexure IV (Subject Matters pertaining to vigilance section)
    3 Ajay Kumar Under Secretary ajay[at]example[dot]com New Delhi +91-11-2000000 As at Annexure III (Subject Matters pertaining to section n)
    4 V K Khanna Addl. Secretary khanna[at]example[dot]com New Delhi +91-11-2000000 As at Annexure IX (Subject Matters pertaining to parliament cell)