ସମ୍ୟକ ସୂଚନା

    This page displays an informative text section that outlines the department major activities, benefits and setup details.

    Department X covers the functioning of sector 1, sector 2, sector 3 and the y System of State N. The Department is headed by the Secretary, who is assisted by four Additional Secretary (AS), three Joint Secretaries (JS), two Advisers and a Deputy Director General (DDG).

    Department X was set up by the state government dated 20th March 1989 with administrative and financial powers of the state government to handle [xxxxx].

    Several key programs/initiatives and reforms of the Government concerning the System 1, System 2 and System 3 in India are operated by The Department X.

    Major activities Department X is responsible for:

    1. Activity 1
    2. Activity 2
    3. Activity 3